Host Corner

Host Corner

Triggered by concepts such as hospitality, sustainability, donut economy, fair and sustainable tourism?
Check – so are we!
Local communities suffer too much from the negative effects of short-term rentals, think gentrification, environmental degradation and cultural alienation. And that’s what Fairhospitality.coop wants to do something about. We believe in tourism as a means to prosper and strengthen local communities. We are counting on the host community to help us with this.

We would love to welcome you as a host in our community. Together with you, we hope to make the sector more sustainable, fair, social and ecological step by step.

We use the platform Fairbnb.coop as a tool for this. Hosts who can subscribe to our charter we hope to convince to put their lodgings on that platform.

How Fairbnb.coop works.

Like other travel platforms, Fairbnb.coop charges a commission. But ánother thing is that we share this commission with local projects. 50% of the platform commission goes to a project in your region. Of the rest, another 60% goes to our local cooperative, Fairhospitality.coop. The final piece goes to Fairbnb.coop and is used to build out the network and platform. Thus, the vast majority of revenue remains domestically, unlike the well-known platforms where almost everything moves abroad.
So you pay nothing extra, neither do your guests. The benefit is for your own local community. Community Strengthening Tourism, in other words. And you can contribute very simply. Great, right?

Why become a faire host?

In our dictionary, a “fair host” stands for: a host who provides hospitality in an ethical and sustainable manner;
A host that, booking after booking, financially supports a local project.

Our fair hosts ensure that tourism remains sustainable in the long term for people, communities and nature alike. We briefly list all the benefits for you.

  • You will become part of a global network that together pursues meaningful and sustainable tourism;
  • Registering your accommodation is completely free;
  • Host and guest pay no additional fees on bookings, the commission is completely the same as other platforms;
  • You contribute to financial support for local projects, but don’t have to pay a penny extra for it yourself;
  • Your calendar on Fairbnb.coop is automatically synchronized with other travel platforms;
  • You will have access to a network of fair tourism experts.

How do I become a fair host?

Take a quick look at our charter. If you can endorse that, add your lodging on Fairbnb.coop. Need help? No problem, we are happy to help you. Send an email to info@fairhospitality.coop.

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