European Union

European Union

Europe & Fairhospitality: social & ecological

Europe & Fairhospitality: social & ecological

Fairhospitality.coop is not only physically near the capital of the European Union. We are actually very actively involved. Europe fully subscribes to the vision of social and environmental sustainability. A vision we naturally share. We have someone in our ranks (Sven) who has very good relations with the EU and is helping us to establish a mutual partnership. See here already a first summary of what we are working on.

European Projects

We participate in several European Projects, our PIC number: 883076458 (Partner Identification Code). We are highly experienced writers in EU projects.

Such as the EU Green Deal – EU Green Shift, to a more Social, Solidary, Sustainable, Circular & Green Economy, the Europe of Regions, EU Social Economy & Days, Directorate General Small & Medium Enterprises – Cooperatives, EU Civil Society Days, New European Bauhaus & NEB Share Initiative, DG Agriculture – #RuralPact, DG Environment – Greenweek, EU Sustainable Transport Week, EU Sustainable Energy Week

Living Labs

This is a technique often used – almost mandatory to use in EU projects. Take our course in our Academy to learn more about this, meanwhile google is your friend.

Serious Games

This is a technique often used to transfer knowledge, break ice, come to break-out sessions. Almost mandatory to use in EU projects. Take our course in our Academy to learn more about this, meanwhile google is your friend.


The knowledge in an organization is very important. We therefore follow ISO/DIS 30401(s) – Knowledge management systems

By the way, the ICA – International Coop Alliance, to which we belong “states clearly Art. 5. Education, Training, and Information

Cooperatives provide education and training for their members, elected representatives, managers, and employees so they can contribute effectively to the development of their co-operatives. They inform the general public – particularly young people and opinion leaders – about the nature and benefits of co-operation

Our Academy also participates in the EU Funding of Erasmus+, one of the largest programs of all EU programs – more than 5 billion €/year and which is all about “transfer of Know How”, Life Long Learning, innovations around knowledge transfer, accelerated learning, internships, etc.

Internships / Traineeships

You can always come and do an internship with us:

  • Assistant to the CEO
  • Assistant Executive Officer – EU Projects
  • Assistant to the FairBnB.coop Ambassadors
  • Assistant Executive Officer – ICT, the booking platform https://booking.fairbnb.coop/ and the website of the Belgian branch of FairBnB.coop – https://fairhospitality.coop/

We are also involved in Erasmus+ programs for foreign student interns and young graduates.