As a young, start-up cooperative, Fairhospitality.coop wants to do everything possible to make tourism more socially, culturally and ecologically sustainable and fair. To this end, we provide various services to hosts and guests. We also have an academy through which we want to get more people excited about a different kind of tourism.

Sustainability has so many meanings that it doesn’t always cover it. We will add adjectives to it to clarify more precisely what we are talking about. We will delve into ecological, social, cultural and economic sustainability. When we talk about all these aspects together we speak of integral sustainability.

The choice of a cooperative is important to us: we value impact over profit maximization. On the other hand, we want to make impact through trade, admittedly an alternative form, but still “business. Hence the form of cooperative is particularly pleasing to us. We are also counting on getting the recognition as a social cooperative.

As demonstrated in the donut economy, it is important to avoid green-washing or social washing by making your business sustainable per design. On the other hand, it is also a continuous improvement process.

Our cooperative was developed with sustainability by design in focus.
Hence, the purpose, networks, governance, ownership model and financial framework were approached in that licth beforehand.

Our services are partly open to everyone, partly focused on our members and host members.

Info on membership at Fairhospitality.coop will follow soon.

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