Host Charter

Host Charter

To become a host at Fairhospitality.coop, we ask you to subscribe to our charter.

This host charter was created in co-creation sessions with various hosts and local boards. It is an expression of the glocalization that Fairbnb.coop also works with. The global philosophy is translated into local requirements.

Local regulations

You comply with local regulations, both at the regional and municipal levels

  • For Flanders you can find the info here, We always check if you are at least registered with Tourism Flanders in a sense. We do that through the open data.
  • For Wallonia here, For verification, we ask the host to send us proof of ‘La Déclaration d’exploitation’
  • For Brussels region here. For verification, we ask the host to send a photo of the registration certificate.

One Host – one House rule

Yourrental capacity is a function of the carrying capacity of the environment

  • Renting out rooms in the house where you live yourself is always okay (provided the landlord agrees)
  • In tourist crowded areas max 1 extra house (where you do not live yourself) is allowed.
  • In other areas, tourism can actually counteract depopulation and unemployment, and it does
    allowed to operate max 4 houses as tourist accommodation


Your operation is locally anchored so that the local community can also directly or indirectly bear the fruits of tourism

  • You and your employees have a connection to the local community
  • Your service is embedded in the local economy by using local products as much as possible


You provide a strong personal touch


You ensure sustainable operations

  • You help build thriving places in your community
  • You are demonstrably committed to sustainable and even regenerative tourism
  • You actively support various SDGs (sustainable development goals)